Calculate Ranking Points JC

Calculate JC Rank Points

Calculate JC Rank Points Automatically: JC Ranking Points UAS Automatic Calculator

Computation of  University Admission Score (Total JC Ranking Points)

The University Admission Score (UAS), i.e. the total sum of JC ranking points, is computed as follows:

  • the best four content subjects (i.e. 3 H2 and 1 H1 content subjects, with at least 1 content subject to be from a contrasting discipline)
  • either GP or KI grade taken in the same sitting
  • H1 Project Work

Note: To calculate UAS if you are taking MTL (Mother Tongue Language), you would need to scale by dividing by 100 and then multiplying by 90. Take the higher score with or without MTL and that would be your JC Ranking Point.

JC Rank Points for Academic Subjects

The following table shows the mark-range and the ranking points at H2 and H1 level for each grade assigned for students’ performance in each subject.

Grade Mark Range H2 Ranking Points H1 Ranking Points
A 70-100 20 10
B 60-69 17.5 8.75
C 55-59 15 7.5
D 50-54 12.5 6.25
E 45-49 10 5
S 40-44 5 2.5
Ungraded 0 – 39 0 0

Tips to get into Medicine!

As everyone knows, medicine is the most competitive faculty to get into in Singapore. Getting 4As and good JC rank points is only the minimum entry requirement, the key is the interview. Check out these books for acing the Medicine interview test in NUS / NTU.

This is especially needed for introvert students who are not good at expressing themselves, and also students with no family relatives in medicine. These groups are known to be disadvantaged in the interview, but you can improve your chances by using the techniques in the Medicine Interview Books (Suitable for NTU / NUS Medicine Interview).

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In this age of technology and science, mathematical majors like Computer Science have gained immense popularity and now require very high JC ranking points for admission. Study ahead by checking out these recommended books for undergraduate math!

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This book is recommended for JC students who wish to enter mathematical / quantitative university courses based on their JC ranking points. It would be beneficial and inspirational to learn about the key mathematicians of the past centuries, such as Sir Isaac Newton and more.