Experts suspect ancient Stonehenge was built using the Pythagorean theorem

Interesting news. It seems that the ancient builders are wiser and more mathematically advanced than previously thought.

Source: Aleteia

A new book suggests that the Neolithic builders of these ancient monuments were more learned than previously thought.

At every great ancient monument visitors often marvel at the ingenuity of our early ancestors. The most common question when it comes to Stonehenge is how they raised such large pillars without modern tools. Those with engineering know-how, however, may ponder the precision of design achieved by its Neolithic builders.

A new book, Megalith, suggests that the builders of Stonehenge and other such Neolithic sites may have known more about construction than we ever could have guessed. In Megalith, Robin Heath, a megalithic expert, claims that the presence of Pythagorean triangles found in the sites are evidence that these builders had discovered the Pythagorean theorem 2,000 years before the birth of Pythagoras.

Megalith: Studies in Stone