Payoneer Referral Link

Payoneer Referral Link:

Payoneer Referral Link

Payoneer Referral Link ($35 sign up bonus):

Payoneer is the “Israeli PayPal”, specializing in B2B online payments. Typical users include sellers/freelancers who earn on international platforms such as Amazon, Fiverr, Airbnb, and wish to transfer their USD earnings to local bank accounts.

Payoneer often has lower fees than PayPal, as well as better customer service. For instance, Payoneer has a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, versus Paypal’s dismal 1.2 rating.

Payoneer is one of biggest tech companies in Israel. In 2019, Israel’s former chief economist of the Ministry of Finance Yoel Naveh joined Payoneer, leading Payoneer’s working capital division.

Payoneer Referral Link ($35 sign up bonus):


Amazon Associates / Affiliates Payment Options (Outside US)

For those using Amazon Associates (or other US based affiliate programs) but are outside USA, there is now an option to transfer the earnings directly to your bank account. Works in Singapore, and most other countries.

The way to do it is through Payoneer. (Direct link:

The other option of receiving cheque from Amazon is bad since the administrative fees are quite expensive (around 20 USD if I remember correctly).

Amazon Associates is quite a good affiliate program. If your blog has just around 100 visits per day, it can already translate to around $20 USD or more per month earnings depending on what you are promoting. This will most likely to cover the cost of hosting your blog. People with extremely popular blogs (see here) have earned more than half a million USD from Amazon Associates.

For those thinking of signing up Payoneer please sign up using the link above. It is a special “Refer a Friend” program where both you and I will get $25 USD upon you signing up. (* After your friend signs up and receives a total of $100, you both earn a $25 reward.)