O Level Exam Dates

O Level Exam Dates / Exam Schedule

The schedule for O Level Exam Dates is out: http://www.seab.gov.sg/examTimeTable/2014GCEOExamTimetable.pdf

The dates for Maths exams are:

E Maths Paper 1:
21/10/2014 (Tuesday)

E Maths Paper 2:
27/10/2014 (Monday)

A Maths Paper 1:
28/10/2014 (Tuesday)

A Maths Paper 2:
29/10/2014 (Wednesday)

The schedule for the first few weeks seems to be quite tight, for instance on 28/10/2014 students would have to handle A Maths Paper 1, and Chemistry Paper 2. (A Maths Paper 1 would be quite exhausting for students on its own)

After the major papers are over, students will have plenty of time to study for their Science Paper 1 (MCQ), with Biology Paper 1 being one of the last papers on 13/11/2014.