Clash of Clans Math: Mortar Damage Per Hit

Today, we will use Math to calculate the Mortar Damage (Per Hit) for the popular game Clash of Clans!



The formula needed is Damage per second (DPS) = Damage / Time.

Hence, Damage = DPS x Time!

The Mortar takes 5 seconds to fire. Hence, take the DPS reading from the game, and multiply it by 5, and you will get the actual damage done by the Mortar!

For instance, Mortar Level 1 has 4 DPS. Hence, each shot does 4×5=20 damage.

The full stats are listed here:

Level Damage per Second Damage per Shot
1 4 20
2 5 25
3 6 30
4 7 35
5 8 40
6 9 45
7 11 55
8 13 65

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