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So You Want To Be a Doctor?

This workshop should be useful to students aiming to be a medical doctor. (Note the ticket prices, this event requires ticket for admission.) Interested students may also check out our previous blog post on BMAT Book Recommendations for NTU Medicine. Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/1714853475261989/ … Continue reading

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From Medical Doctor to Math Professor

Just read about this rather amazing biography: https://today.duke.edu/2017/10/hau-tieng-wu-vital-signs. From a medical doctor, Hau-tieng Wu pursued a Ph.D. in math, and is now a math professor at Duke. Quite an interesting transition, that is quite rare, possibly less than 100 such cases … Continue reading

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The ideal Singapore JC subject combination for applying to Medicine

Why Additional Maths (A Maths) is important for entering Medicine: Pathway: A Maths (O Level) –> H2 Maths (A Level) –> NUS Medicine Source: http://sgforums.com/forums/2297/topics/439605 Quote: While NUS and NTU Medicine does not (officially) require H2 Maths (ie. ‘A’ level Maths), … Continue reading

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