Chinese maths teachers show way (Math News)

Latest Math News: Chinese maths teachers show way. Seems like Asia (especially China) is really going to be a world power in the next century, in terms of both education and economy. Students really need to improve their Chinese and Math skills in order to take advantage of this future trend!

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CHINESE maths teachers have been sharing their tips on teaching the subject to teachers in Hucknall.

The teachers, from Shanghai, were part of a pioneering exchange programme to improve lessons in the subject.

On Monday, Hillside Primary School welcomed 29 teachers, the first group to come to England as part of the exchange between the Department for Education and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Two of the visitors will spend three weeks at the school.

In September, 71 top maths teachers from England travelled to Shanghai.

One was Tom Isherwood, a maths teacher at Hillside Primary and Nursery School.

He said: “The visit to Shanghai had a profound effect on the way I approach teaching mathematics.

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For any country whose rising strength cannot go unnoticed, the universal logic of strategy allows only military or economic growth. But China is pursuing both goals simultaneously. Its military buildup and assertive foreign policy have already stirred up resistance among its neighbors, just three of whom—India, Japan, and Vietnam—together exceed China in population and wealth. Unless China’s leaders check their own ambitions, a host of countries, which are already forming tacit military coalitions, will start to impose economic restrictions as well.

Chinese leaders will find it difficult to choose between pursuing economic prosperity and increasing China’s military strength. Such a change would be hard to explain to public opinion. Moreover, Chinese leaders would have to end their reliance on ancient strategic texts such as Sun Tzu’s Art of War. While these guides might have helped in diplomatic and military conflicts within China itself, their tactics—such as deliberately provoking crises to force negotiations—turned China’s neighbors into foes. To avoid arousing the world’s enmity further, Luttwak advises, Chinese leaders would be wise to pursue a more sustainable course of economic growth combined with increasing military and diplomatic restraint.