What to do if fail Mid Year Exams?

Source: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Education/Story/A1Story20080601-68205.html

When the Mid Year Exams are over, students will receive their results nervously. What to do if one fails the Mid Year Exams?

In many schools, it is common to have a significant portion of the school actually failing the Mid Term exam. “40 per cent of his school cohort failed Social Studies and 30 per cent English.” in the school mentioned in the above article.

“Such significant failure rates have become common in schools here when mid-year or preliminary exams roll around, especially for those with a big national exam – PSLE, O or A levels – at the year-end.”

Here are 5 tips on what are the best actions to take for one who fails the Mid Year Exams, especially for Mathematics:

  1. Do not be discouraged! Try to maintain a positive attitude on Math. There is still time before the final exams. With proper time management, you will be able to set aside time for revision, which will definitely help.
  2. Analyse what went wrong. Are you studying Math the correct way? (i.e. practising with understanding) Are you studying Math just by reading the textbook? (not effective for studying Math as Math needs practice.) Is time management an issue? Or is the main issue careless mistakes?
  3. Work out a new study strategy and stick to it religiously. For better results, you need to change your study habits for the better. This may include better time management, or seeking help from Math tutors.
  4. O Level Exams are not about intelligence, it is more about good study techniques. The content for O Levels can definitely be mastered by any student given the right amount of time and effort. The key is to put in time and effort to the studies. Even an average student is capable of scoring an A1 in O Levels if he or she works hard. Whereas, a very intelligent but lazy student may not do well for the exams.
  5. It is possible to improve tremendously for Maths if you study enough and using the right method. This is a truth that many people can attest to. I have seen students going from fail to A1. Improving one or two grades is also very common.

There are usually two types of students, the ones who are more playful and laidback, and the very perfectionistic student but is prone to stress. For the more playful students, the tough Mid Year exams are actually meant as a wake up call to start studying before it is too late. “‘Papers must be a bit challenging so that they can shake one out of complacency and make one study harder,’ said Mr Lak Pati Singh, 56, principal of St Patrick’s School.”

For students who are too stressed up and already trying their best, the way to improve may be to study more efficiently using the right methods (especially for Maths, the right way to study is practice with understanding). A healthy lifestyle balance may also be very helpful. Again, seeking help from Math tutors may be a choice to be considered, which can alleviate stress from not understanding the subject material.

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