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Python save csv to folder

In Python (pandas), saving a .csv file to a particular folder is not that hard, but then it may be confusing to beginners. The packages we need to import are: import pandas as pd import os.path Say, your folder name … Continue reading

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Recall & Precision vs Sensitivity & Specificity

Other than accuracy rate, there are various metrics for machine learning to measure how “accurate” the model is. Some popular ones for binary classification are sensitivity (true positive rate) and specificity (true negative rate). In computer science, recall and precision … Continue reading

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Advanced Excel Date Editing and Formatting

Suppose you have an Excel file with dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY. So you have entries like 02/03/1999 (2 March 1999). Suppose you want to change it to 2/3/1999, i.e. remove leading zeroes from one digit days and months. It … Continue reading

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Making big data a little smaller

While this result is nice, it also seems to mean that theoretically, we have already reached the limit in dimensional reduction for data compression. Source: Science Daily Harvard computer scientist demonstrates 30-year-old theorem still best to reduce data and speed … Continue reading

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