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Are you considering starting your career and finding the best job opportunities in Germany? Look no further than UNIstellenmarkt! This unique job exchange provides a platform for students, dropouts, and graduates at over 30 university locations throughout the country. From entry-level positions to more professional roles, UNIstellenmarkt has something for everyone. With an extensive range of regional job offers, it is one of the largest job exchanges in Germany.


At UNIStellenmarkt, the hunt for a temporary job begins on your doorstep: Applying for a job at more than 30 locations staffed by local employers, UNI Stellenmarkt is one of the biggest school job markets in Germany for students, dropouts, and graduates.

On the informal career pages of the local employment market, which the Union of Students and Universities operates, companies and individual prospective students can enroll directly at the university through local jobs, internships, theses, and graduate duties.

Job ads are also posted on the website of the online job advertising center and the national server Moreover, the names of online job ads in the university can also be published on various job boards or digital screens.

How do I get more information about a job posting?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if the website advertisement provides the following additional information. Then, we will ask the institution to neglect that information.

Are the job advertisements in the job market always up to date?

We regularly keep all job ads up-to-date and on schedule for UNI stellenmarkt. In principle, gang advertisements stop being displayed past the conclusion of the hiring duration.

Many companies ultimately have the same places to fill again and again or have yet to locate the appropriate applicant. For that reason, extend the booking length or publish the post again if you need to be offered a job. Once a position is loaded, we remove it as soon as we are notified.

Are only serious offers displayed in the job market?

This goal guides us not to post any false or questionable job ads. All candidates for positions that are put up, with extensive scrutiny, may sometimes be debunked. As a violation of our site’s Terms of Service, this can be a form of fraud. It will constitute a violation if fraudulent ads are found, and the offending ads will be flagged and removed. The wrongdoer will be notified.

Relate to the following tips (it is not exhaustive) to protect you from questionable firms:

  • Wait to give your Social Security number when applying for a job while your application phase is still in progress. Be mindful of giving out personal information that does not apply to the application process, especially your bank card or credit card details. Make sure to hire companies while still potentially holding the account open.
  • Trades must also be taken as job sites with which you are labeled as able to accept, upload, or send parcels or parcels coming from your private address.
  • Before contacting businesses, check your time frame to know if it is possible to find businesses in arrears.


In conclusion, Stellenmarkt is a powerful resource for job seekers looking to take the next step in their careers. With an extensive database of postings, finding your perfect position has always been challenging. Additionally, Stellenmarkt makes it easy to stay organized and keep track of your progress with personalized folders, applications, and relevant notifications. It saves time and makes it simple to focus on what matters most – finding the right job.


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