Why Student Engagement Matters in the Classroom: 4 Reasons to Keep Students Motivated at School

All teachers understand the challenges of finding ways to keep their students engaged in the learning environment. School is rewarding in a lot of ways, but hard in many others, and some children are not capable of sitting down and learning for an extended period. So, it falls on the teachers to keep the classroom a place that they want to be and come back to. Student engagement is a top priority in education. Here are four reasons why student motivation should come first.

Boredom is the Arch Enemy of Knowledge Acquisition

As an adult at work, if you have to learn something that does not spark your interest it is harder, right? Well, the same theory applies to students. Learning in any capacity is not properly possible unless there is some excitement about a topic. Of course, it is naïve to suggest that all students will be motivated for all subjects, even if the lessons are as fun as a day at the fair. However, when kids are bored this is a major barrier to their academic acquisitions, so it is up to the teacher to mix the day up from start to finish and keep things fresh. Use fun worksheets, like these ones from Studentreasures Publishing, or try doing some online maths instead of expecting kids to sit and complete a workbook; there are so many ways to keep it fun.

Children Need the Skills on Offer for All Walks of Life

While you may not always use the trigonometry you learned when you were nine, there are certain subject matters that will transfer to all walks of life. Reading, writing and basic arithmetic are all essential in daily agendas as are science, general knowledge, and physical education. School is there for a reason and it is for more than just learning facts. The greater purpose is found in the subtle nuances of the classroom like social skills, core cognitive development, and discovering a path to take.

Motivation in School Translates to Motivation at Home

Getting students to do their homework is often challenging, never mind expecting them to do it enthusiastically. However, if a strong level of engagement is found during the school day, then the probability of them going home and feeling motivated to complete their home tasks is increased significantly.

Engagement Inspires Autonomy

People feel boosted when they see progress in any area. Education is no exception. Engagement with studies inspires a sense of ownership over their journeys, and this empowerment will only grow the more they find their niche. Everyone enjoys something different, but when you get positive results it enables a wider sense of self to take root. This is so essential for general well-being and is definitely a thing to be nurtured.


Not every student who walks through the classroom door will sit down and fully engage with their learning. School is not for everyone, but it is a teacher’s responsibility to find a way to ensure core learning concepts take place successfully. The key to this is finding a way to motivate the classroom and keep the learning flexible.


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