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7 Factors To Consider When Choosing An International School

Singapore has established itself as one of the best cities for offering a worldwide education to all of its international students. The government of Singapore holds its schools to very high standards of excellence. Singapore also serves as a global platform for students worldwide since it is home to some of the world’s top institutions and schools.

Why Do International Students Pick Singapore Private Schools?

Students already find it challenging to adjust to new surroundings. Learning new languages, experiencing other cultures, and even making new friends can be difficult for a student living abroad. Singapore private school ensure that they do not encounter these challenges throughout their schooling.

International Cambridge schools in Singapore provide a wide variety of curricula, including those from the United States, India, France, and more. These curricula allow parents of ex-pat children to choose a school that utilizes the same educational framework as their native country.

Private/international schools provide an excellent environment for learning in addition to cutting-edge facilities, highly qualified staff, numerous activities designed to enhance the child’s natural skills and talents, a high level of security, and an ever-evolving approach to adopting unconventional teaching methods.

Cambridge Curriculum In Singapore

The Cambridge Singapore educational program is a high-level academic program. IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education), developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, is a worldwide curriculum, and all top international schools follow it. The curriculum includes many topics to learn from, different viewpoints, and instructional approaches, enabling students to link their concepts together more effectively.

Up to 70 disciplines, including 30 languages, are included in the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, customizable to meet the particular school’s needs. Additionally, the students receive grades between A* to G following the widely accepted standards conducted by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE).

The curriculum’s suitability for an international setting and lack of cultural prejudice are two additional significant features of Cambridge’s IGCSE. This type of program is essential for students in the twenty-first century who need to succeed in a highly competitive global environment.

How Do The Best International Cambridge Schools In Singapore Create Their Curricula?

Top private international schools in Singapore use innovative frameworks and approaches to build their Cambridge IGCSE curricula, resulting in a complete program that emphasizes the holistic development of pupils beyond the classroom. 

Created from a worldwide perspective, the program also has a local application. This assists in guiding students to establish the proper connections between concepts and ideas while maintaining a broader perspective.

The best IGCSE schools provide a well-balanced curriculum emphasizing various educational topics, including academics, sports, creativity, innovation, personality development, leadership abilities, moral values, and ethics.

What Are The Benefits Of Unique Cambridge Singapore Curriculums?

One of the top advantages of the IGCSE Curriculum is the opportunity it gives to understudies who wish to seek a more elevated level of schooling like the International Baccalaureate Diploma program, ‘A’ levels test, AP, and Indian CBSE, or any of their country’s educational boards.

It also urges understudies to be more self-starting and venturesome by ingraining values like decisive reasoning, critical thinking, and relational abilities while teaching them to deal with unforeseen obstacles.

How Does One Pick The Best Private School In Singapore?

With over 9,000 Private International schools in Singapore to choose from, finding the best one might be difficult if you’re a parent who wants to provide a top-notch education without going over budget. A few important things to consider before picking a school are listed below.

  1. Curriculum

International schools provide a wide range of curricula divided into national or state curricula and curriculum set by an internationally recognized education body. These curricula share some similarities, such as they all feature classes in subjects like math and science. Still, they differ significantly in teaching, exam administration, topics covered, and other factors. You must choose a curriculum that meets the needs of your child.

  1. School costs

Private and Cambridge schools in Singapore typically charge more tuition fees compared to other public schools. However, annual tuition costs vary significantly between locations, institutions of higher learning, and age groups. 

  1. School Culture

Knowing the school’s culture is essential since it needs to be appropriate for your child’s needs and abilities. Additionally, because your child will spend a large portion of their formative years inside school walls, and values and principles they learn there will influence them throughout their lives.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are essential to a well-rounded education because they enable kids to explore their social, creative, and physical interests with their classmates.

International schools in Singapore offer top-notch facilities that aid in extending your child’s horizons of knowledge. In addition, they provide numerous opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular activities in disciplines, including athletics, the arts, and volunteer work. When weighing your alternatives, it is a good idea to see which schools provide the activities of your child’s interest.

  1. Language

International schools offer one or more additional languages as academic subjects besides their primary language. Therefore, if you would like your child to learn any specific language, it is essential to check which schools teach this language and at what level.

  1. Commute Options and Location

Determine the distance between your house and the school, and even if it’s farther away than ideal, most International Schools in Singapore have buses that pick up and drop off their pupils at the designated spot.

  1. Communication

Additionally, investigate the interactions between the management, parents, instructors, and pupils. How frequently do they communicate? How do they handle any problems that could arise? Finding out the answers to these questions is best done by speaking with another parent.

Consider these factors while searching for a school best suited for your child.

The best approach is to list your requirements and expectations and check them off as you visit different schools.


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