How to quickly get a children’s debit card

Modern children can give odds to any adult if we are talking about the digital industry. Literally from the age of three, they can include videos and cartoons on various video hosting sites, after a few years they already have personal accounts on social networks, become bloggers and tiktokers, at thirteen or fifteen they know what donations are and can independently make purchases online. At the same time, not all parents know how to quickly issue a children’s debit card, and also, in general, do not know why it is needed.

WestStein experts tried to explain why it is beneficial to issue a children’s bank card and explained in general terms what advantages the transition to electronic money has.

Children’s debit card: why is it worth it?

It should be understood that a children’s debit card will benefit not only parents, as they will be able to track the financial transactions of their children, but also the children themselves.

  • First, the child will get an idea about money. It can be said that he will understand by his own example how much pocket money he receives. If you tell the child the amount that will be credited to the account once in a certain period (daily, weekly, monthly), then he will be able to visualize his “income”, as well as expenses;

  • secondly, a bank card for a child has a positive effect on the formation of financial literacy. A young citizen will be able to learn how to save money, manage money rationally, and strive to keep their savings, for example, to buy more expensive toys, gadgets or gifts for friends.

A payment card for teenagers is also a kind of symbol of growing up, because it inspires a child with a sense of freedom, teaches him to analyze the market and his spending. And the WestStein prepaid card is also a 100% security guarantee, thanks to the two-factor authentication system.

How to order a children’s debit card?

Often, a debit card for children is an additional “plastic” (virtual or real), which is attached to the main account, in our case, to the parent account. To get it, you need to open an online checking account on the WestStein website. Our service allows you to get 3 additional cards for one main personal account.

A children’s bank card is also convenient because it can be replenished at any time and not worry that the youngest family member will be left without funds.


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