Tools That Will Assist You in Quickly Hiring the Best Candidates

According to our Global Recruiting Trends research, nearly everyone wants to break up the standard interview. According to talent acquisition pros, traditional interviews frequently reinforce existing prejudices, have a limited capacity to measure soft skills, and are untrustworthy. Besides, they’re not always entertaining.

However, there is an opportunity to replace the test of wills that interviews have become a real measure of skill.

The rapidly expanding list of online assessment tools has the potential to make the recruiting process easier, more efficient, and even more pleasurable, allowing employers to target individuals with the necessary talents and temperaments. Assessment options range from broad personality tests to delivery boy-specific aptitude assessments. (Boys?! Even the most cutting-edge technology appears to have some relics of the early twentieth century).

HackerRank Screening Test Alternative 

If you are looking for a HackerRank screening test alternative, then these might be useful to you:

My best advice is to head over to the HackerRank page and check out various options. To personalize your experience, you can select which tests you want to access and view the results of other people who used them as well. 

Here are tools to consider while evaluating candidates:


Kate Glazebrook, co-founder and CEO of Applied, considered traditional CV sifting to be an ineffective method of finding talent. She collaborated with a team of behavioural scientists to develop her company’s platform, including timed evaluations that help employers minimize prejudice in their initial assessment of a candidate.

Glazebrook told The New York Times that the platform also enables recruiters to “anonymize applications, chunk them up into batches for better comparative assessment, randomize candidates to avoid ordering effects, allow multiple evaluators to contribute their scores independently to harness the wisdom of the crowd.”


Codility’s technical recruitment platform, which automates sourcing, screening, and interviewing, has been used by customers in over 1,000 firms in 62 countries to conduct over 5.5 million code assessments. “With Codility,” explains Volvo’s head of recruiting Stefan Begall, “we can correctly assess candidates’ talents while increasing our candidate interactions and their entire experience during the hiring process.”


eSkill is the online skills evaluation equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. The company’s customized examinations address particular job needs for HR, sales, administration, IT, and accounting professions in industries ranging from health care to hospitality, totalling over 500 professional subjects. eSkill has over 4,000 customers worldwide, from Coca-Cola to Zappos, FedEx to Paychex.


Vivek Ravisankar and Hari Karunanidhi were software engineers at Amazon (Kindle) and IBM. They were dissatisfied with the amount of time on engineering interviews ten years ago. Today, their startup, HackerRank, provides a platform that assists businesses in locating the top available engineers and software developers. HackerRank provides businesses with the ability to use code evaluations in over 35 programming languages. HackerRank’s products have already been utilized by Amazon, Twitter, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, and over 1,000 other firms.


Criteria Corp released a new edition of its SaaS-based solution, HireSelect, enabling web-based pre-employment testing earlier this year. HireSelect offers aptitude tests (cognitive, mechanical, and attention abilities), basic skills tests (from typing to numeric input), and personality tests (including a sales achievement predictor), all of which are evaluated and enhanced by the company’s scientific advisory board. Criteria have tiered pricing based on size, making it affordable to smaller firms. HireSelect has suggested exams for 1,100 jobs ranging from loan officers to correctional officers, human resource managers, to warehouse managers.

Mocha should be interviewed

Interview Mocha has over 1,000 skill tests for coding, ERP, finance, languages, manufacturing, and retail, among other things. The Big Data Pig Test, Java Coding, Bank Teller Aptitude Test, and Salesforce CRM Test are among its most popular skills assessments. Customers may either design their assessment from the skills test collection or request that Interview Mocha create a bespoke exam for them. In addition, the organization provides assessment integration and applicant rating tools.


Seattle-based Koru puts its idea of “grit over grades” into action by providing businesses with a 20-minute online quiz to determine where candidates score on seven essential soft skills: grit, ownership, curiosity, polish, collaboration, rigour, and impact. Candidates respond to questions on their previous experience, work style, and work settings. Algorithms compare their results with a company’s best achievers to rank them against other candidates.


Mettl’s wide battery of examinations for back-end, front-end, and full-stack abilities may be used by companies seeking for tech talent to quantify code accuracy, time, and space complexity. Mettl provides assessments for retail, legal, financial, and even “delivery boys.” Still, the company’s offerings are particularly strong in engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.) and software development, including a wide range of programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, SQL, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, and many others.


Plum won the $5 million 43North startup challenge in 2015, beating over 11,000 other applicants. Plum uses its database of over 24 trillion behavioural data points to help firms find the appropriate employees, retain them, and make evidence-based development and culture choices. Plum provides a six-minute survey for recruiting teams to identify the behavioural requirements for every open position. Then it administers a personality and cognitive ability exam to candidates, resulting in each prospect obtaining a personalized talent profile. These talent profiles are then compared against the role’s requirements to identify the top applicants.

Predictive Index

In 2016, compiled a list of the “Top 10 Tools for Building a Strong Talent Pipeline,” with The Predictive Index ranking third. “[I]t may really play a very crucial part in your pipeline efforts — especially when it comes to connecting the appropriate individuals to the right openings,” according to The Massachusetts-based company works with over 8,000 businesses to understand what motivates workplace behaviour and strategize how to capitalize on that knowledge.


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