Singlife Referral 2021 (earn up to S$35!)

Singlife Referral Code: ptc4QgZj

Singlife Referral Link:

I’ve had a great experience with the Singlife Account, an insurance savings plan, and thought you would love it too! Save, spend, earn, & be insured! Install the app and sign up today to begin earning up to 1% p.a.* returns with your savings.

*Terms Apply

New signups will receive S$30 when he/she signs up for Grow, and S$5 when he/she creates a Singlife Account and activates their Singlife Visa Debit Card!

Singlife Review

Singlife has adjusted their returns a few times, but the current 1% p.a. base return is still quite good compared to most banks.

The interest rate can be made higher (up to 2% p.a.) if one spends using their Visa Debit Card (+0.5%) or participate in their Singlife Grow investment-linked policy (+0.5%).

Overall, Singlife is a solid place to park cash up to $10,000. Do note that the Singlife Account and Grow are protected by Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

The steps to earn the Singlife Referral rewards:

  • Step 1: Get the referral code to be used for sign up
  • Step 2: Sign up & fund the Singlife account + activate the Singlife Visa Debit Card to be able to receive your credits and get a S$5 bonus for doing so
  • Step 3: Sign up for Grow, if you’d like to get an additional S$30 worth of credits
  • Step 4: Watch your credits grow in your Singlife Account. Welcome your friends onboard and earn greater rewards ~ no limit!

Singlife Referral Code: ptc4QgZj

Singlife Referral Link:

Disclaimer: The opinions on Singlife Account expressed in this blog post is for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information on Singlife Referral and Singlife Review. In particular, this blog post is not a substitute for obtaining advice from a qualified investment advisor.


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