IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students achieve their study dreams; Helping Students Pursue Dreams of Success for Past 15 Years

IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students achieve their study dreams; Helping Students Pursue Dreams of Success for Past 15 Years

IMTS Institute is an Institute with 70+ career counselors. It helps students realize their goals by helping them choose the right course and complete UGC-approved university admissions.

IMTS Institute offer free career counseling of a wide choice of courses approved by University Grants Commission and MOE and other authorities like BAR and NCTE to its students, Course offer

  1. Courses After 12th ARTS
  2. Courses After 12th DESIGN
  3. Courses After 12th COMMERCE
  4. Courses After 12th SCIENCE
  5. Courses After 12th DESIGN
  6. Courses After 12th Commerce
  7. Courses After 12th APPLICATIONS
  8. Courses After 12th MEDICAL
  9. Courses After 12th EDUCATION
  10. Engineering Courses After 12th
  11. Paramedical Course After 12th
  12. Arts Course After 12th
  13. Science Course after 12th
  14. Commerce Course After 12th
  15. Hotel Management After 12th
  16. Law Courses After 12th
  17. Agriculture Course After 12th
  18. Aviation Courses After 12th
  19. Mass Communications Course After 12th
  20. ARCHITECTURE Course After 12th
  21. VETERINARY SCIENCES Course After 12th

In India Completing class after 12th is one of the most important milestones for a student. Students who aren’t fully aware of their career options may choose a path that doesn’t suit them or will not benefit them in the future. Students will also hear advice from their peers, both from highly confident and completely uninformed people. Regardless of the source, it can be very harmful to listen to these advices and then act on them.

IMTS Institute helps over 25,000 students, Alumni working in top companies Like Google and Amazon

IMTS Institute is a leading Institute in India. They have made a memorable statement of 25000 admissions and many of their students work in top companies in India as well as abroad.

We have had the privilege of helping more than 25,000 students to achieve their career goals  Our counselors have helped more than 25000 students to select the right course, along with a complete admission Process for UGC-approved universities. The IMTS Institute students have left glowing reviews. Some of their students work with Google, Accenture and Facebook..

Distance and Online Education in India : IMTS

Enroll in the appropriate courses at IMTS institute and you can make your dreams a reality. You will get proper guidance right from the beginning. In IMTS Institute, Students pursuing courses in distance Education or part-time mode find it difficult to connect directly with University after taking admission and, at times, miss on important announcements made by University. Gupta is conscious of communicating with Universities and gathering information. He also keeps students informed to avoid any gaps. Gupta ensures that students who are referred to him at their guidance center do not miss any University announcements.


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