Fish that won’t eat shrimp

We showcase 3 fish that won’t eat shrimp, tried and tested in our very own 5 gallon nano planted tank.

1) Phoenix Rasbora

2) Neon Tetra

3) Lambchop Rasbora

These 3 fish are shrimp safe, in our experience.

There are many baby shrimp, juvenile shrimp, as well as adult blue shrimp (blue version of cherry shrimp) living happily alongside those fish. As well as 1 Amano shrimp.

From what we observe, the fish don’t disturb or bother the shrimp as well. Music is “Foo the Flowerhorn” style peaceful music, aka the Gymnopedie No. 3.

Usually, aggressive or predatory fish like the betta tend to eat or hunt shrimp.

It is relatively easy to breed shrimp, especially cherry shrimp and its color variants. There need to be enough calcium source in the tank, what we did is put some coral chips (crushed corals) which has calcium carbonate. The most common way for shrimp to die is due to unsuccessful molting.


Author: mathtuition88

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4 thoughts on “Fish that won’t eat shrimp”

  1. It is good to hear what about then amano shrimp and ghost shrimp ad sulawesi shrimp have you hear about those shrimps ,each have unique behevior to each other, out of that ghost shrimp are more aggressive so they will eat othermates too, if you want to keep amano with ghost need smaller ghost compare to amano shrimp as they peaceful no harm ..

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      1. actually ghost shrimp are aggressive they can eat Amano shrimp, as ghost shrimp also called as glass shrimp mostly depend on aquatic debris at the bottom of the tank unless Amano more tend to eat algae within the tank, that is why we need to be careful when rear both in same tank

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