5 Tips on How to Survive Physics in Junior College

5 Tips on How to Survive Physics in Junior College

Many students, during the early stage of their college life, tend to struggle through an entirely new syllabus for physics. Apart from the complexity of the discipline, the problem with physics gets more aggregated when different new teachers teach it, each having their teaching methods. Surviving the ‘torments’ of physics in junior college, especially in an as a highly-ranked country like Singapore, isn’t that easy. However, it’s not impossible, either!

You don’t have to spend any more extra time or money to get into a popular physics tuition center in Singapore. Instead, you can prepare yourself with these five life-saving tips to help you survive the two-year roller coaster ride!


  1. A good relationship with your instructors

You need to enhance your bonding skills and treat your physics teachers more as life mentors at this point. The more you value their presence in your life, and maintain a helpful, friendly relationship with them, the better are your chances of you getting their additional assistance like extra classes. This will make it easy for you to understand the problematic theories and get more attention in the class.

  1. The priority is understanding!

The transition from secondary school to junior college is indeed one of the most significant phases students in Singapore academically go through. No wonder why the syllabus for physics looks so exhausting, right? Even if you get poor marks at the beginning, make sure you understand the theoretical maths and laws. Frequently ask questions and request further clarification in the class until you have understood correctly.

A clear understanding is what matters the most! Furthermore, pay more attention to your progress in the maths classes as wells! Physics and maths are closely related to each other so that you will benefit either way. Consider enrolling in a popular maths tuition center in Singapore, if you think you need extra help.

  1. Sign up for physics courses

While your everyday studies will most of your time, try your best to focus on something else outside the monotonous realm of academics.  Make sure you are a lead member of your science or maths club. Extra-curricular activities on physics will come in handy for you to achieve better grades. If you can afford more time, try to enroll in online physics courses on educational platforms. You can also watch physics tutorials online to clear any subtle confusions on the basics.

  1. Seek help from your seniors

No doubt that in junior college, all the students naturally go through a hard time. However, that is not enough to justify that your seniors will have no time at all to lend forward their help to those who are still new to junior college! Therefore, maintain a friendly relationship with all your seniors who are seemingly performing great in physics and maths. Shower them with respect, let them know how they inspire you. They will definitely try to make out some time to help you out!

  1. Get a private tutor!

Additional tuition, especially that too of an as complicated a subject as physics, is instrumental in junior college. Most tutors are high-qualified and are naturally aware that you’re still adjusting to the advanced level of theoretical physics, and they can help make the transition easier for you. Moreover, this can also be a perfect time to productively utilize any leisure available, which is something that most tuition centers or private tutors will focus on teaching you first.

We do understand, junior college physics is very tough, but it’s possible to pull through, especially by following the tips provided above. If you can sincerely abide by them and along with that, just a pinch of persistent merit with two spoons of will and hard work will be enough to score good grades in your physics exams!


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