PR Solidarity Budget Application

Just to share this information with readers who may be Singapore PRs.

PR $300 for COVID-19 (with Singaporean spouse/children/parent)

Official source: Straits Times


  • Adult PRs with Singaporean parents(s), spouse or child(ren) are eligible
  • Must be living in Singapore

Key date: 10 May (Sun)

Eligible PRs can apply with bank account details by 10 May at Payment will be made on 19 May (Tue).

Key date: From end-May

LTVP+ holders will receive payment by cheque via post. No action needed.

PRs who apply without bank account details will receive the payment by mailed cheque from end-May.

  • LTVP+ holders aged 21 and above, who are foreign spouses of Singaporeans, can receive the payout as well.
  • Eligible permanent residents may sign up for the one-off payout at using their SingPass from now until May 10.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct as of 12 April 2020. Please double check with the official source on Straits Times for the official latest information:


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