LaTeX Horizontal Flowchart (Workflow)

Updated this blogpost to add another method of drawing a Flowchart using LaTeX, for multiline flowcharts that require a line break.

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Just found an excellent source on how to draw a simple (slightly fanciful) horizontal flowchart using LaTeX (TikZ).

The output is very neat:

The code is reproduced here (in case the original source gets deleted):

documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta,
                }% for fancy looks of data storagesbegin{document}begin{tikzpicture}[
    node distance =5mm and 7mm,
      start chain = going right,
 disc/.style ={shape=cylinder, draw, shape aspect=0.3,
                shape border rotate=90,
                text width=17mm, align=center, font=linespread{0.8}selectfont},
  mdl/.style ={shape=ellipse, aspect=2.2, draw},
  alg/.style ={draw, align=center, font=linespread{0.8}selectfont}]begin{scope}[every node/.append style={on…

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