Useful Apps Homeschooling Parents Can Use to Help Their Children Learn

Useful Apps Homeschooling Parents Can Use to Help Their Children Learn

There are many educational apps that are available to help students with various activities, but very few of them were specific to homeschooling parents. As I was researching apps that can make the lives of homeschooling parents easier, I came across this list of apps that I thought were very useful.

List of Useful Apps for Children Homeschooling

Each of them serves a different purpose and let’s broadly explore how they can be useful for homeschooled children.

Explore the free resources available to homeschool children

Given the rise in popularity in digital media and the Internet, many families are now resorting to free resources that are available online. Without the need to go to a formal school, parents now opt to take advantage of the online courses for kids that are freely available. There are several benefits to homeschooling children of different ages, especially in terms of cost.

As a parent, if you are not working full time and decide to do it on your own, you could homeschool for free using various resources available at your disposal.

Resources to help homeschooling parents working full time

Homeschooling as a working parent can be quite a challenge especially if you are employed full time. Chances are that you may not find enough time to homeschool your children. This would be more difficult if both parents are working full time. Fortunately, there are many homeschooling programs carried out by professionals that help working parents to homeschool their kids.

Depending on the field that your child chooses to pursue, you can hire a specialist in a particular area and hire their services for a fee. Additionally, you could consider subscribing to online courses that have a set of scheduled lessons that your kids can work their way through. For instance, Udemy and Coursera have a ton of free and paid courses from well-recognized universities that you could make use of. However, it is important that you maintain a strict schedule to ensure they are on track.

Use apps that specifically help students achieve great results

If you have a smart device such as a phone or a tablet, you can make good use of it if you have the relevant apps installed. There are homeschooling apps that are dedicated to helping your children learn more interactively at home.

For example, Khan Academy provides plenty of material on various subjects which can be extremely helpful for children should you decide to make them learn on their own. However, as a parent, you will need to make sure that you organize the schedule and checklists constantly which can be quite daunting tasks. Apps such as Wunderlist can be very useful as it helps you manage a to-do list very easily.

Additionally, you will also need to ensure you have controls on balancing your children’s time on and off the school. Apps such as FamilyTime allow you to set limits on screen time, including bedtime restrictions, and it even lets you lock your kids’ phones when they are supposed to be doing homework.

If you also need a working calendar that helps you organize various events and activities that your children need to take as part of the homeschooling program, you can use Cozi that syncs the calendars of all the members in the family so everyone is updated on each other’s schedule. This way, it can be easier for each member to share the responsibilities easily. It’s indeed a helpful homeschooling tool that can help you and your family be more organized.


With many online resources and tools available, homeschooling your kids doesn’t have to be a difficult task as it used to be. If you have them in place with the necessary arrangements, you can easily breeze helping your child homeschool.


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