Ulgrim guide

Ulgrim is one of the lesser used legends in Brawlhalla, but I think he is probably one of the easiest legends for beginners (and also viable at high levels).

Reason being his two weapons lance and axe are very easy to land hits. Lance is great at horizontal approaches, many people at rank gold and below do not know how to properly counter lance. Axe is shorter range than lance (but still has decent range) and has very wide hit boxes. Both lance and axe are not combo-heavy (essentially both weapons only have a couple of combos) so there is no need for much “practicing combos”.

There is some criticism about his lance sigs (only the neutral sig is good). However, his axe sigs are very good (neutral sig and down sig are excellent, side sig is ok).

Both in 1v1 and 2v2, Ulgrim is very playable for beginners. He is above average (6 points) in all stats except dexterity.

Basically, in the “neutral game” you can use lance to rack up damage, and then switch to the axe for the kill. For weapons that lance is very disadvantaged against (e.g. blasters or axe), use axe instead all the way. See this Lance Matchup Tier List for more info. For low levels (gold and below), as mentioned above, virtually no one knows how to counter lance, so you can still use lance very effectively against any weapon.

Beginner Ulgrim Guide

This method can work up to gold.

Lance: Just try to keep doing side air/down air. It is very easy to for you to hit, and very hard for your opponent to counter.

Axe: Try doing Nlight or Slight->Dlight. If your opponent is very jumpy, try to catch them with Dlight.

For a detailed Ulgrim guide, do check out the video below:

One of the top YouTubers, Cosolix, has also recently switched to Ulgrim as his main.


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