How to Score Good Marks in Class 11 Mathematics?

Mathematics is a high scoring subject in class 11 among all the subjects.  Mathematics plays an essential role for all the students to get admission in the best engineering colleges. Even though the students have prepared the problem many times, sometimes they are not confident enough while writing the examinations. Here, the list of topics and concepts in class 11 mathematics such as finding the sides of a triangle using  Pythagoras theorem in trigonometry, limits and derivatives, probability and so on are provided.

Sets – Students are suggested to practice as many questions as possible. Learn the definitions properly and draw the Venn diagram if required to score good marks.

Relations and Functions – Domain and range are the essential concepts in this chapter. Learn all the graphs of the functions given in the section “some functions and their graphs.”

Trigonometric Functions – Learn all the trigonometry formulas. This chapter contributes to prominent importance among all the sections. Also, learn the trigonometric ratios of standard angles, and trigonometric identities with its proof.

Principle of Mathematical Induction – Most of the students find this chapter exciting; you need to analyse the question from the section. One problem will come from this chapter.

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations – This chapter is one of the easiest chapters in class 11 mathematics as it requires only less time to prepare for the exam. Inevitably the questions are asked from the concepts such as polar representation and quadratic equations with complex roots.

Binomial Theorem – Go through the questions from “General and Middle Term of a Binomial Expansions”. The calculation errors are likely to happen in this chapter.

Permutation and Combination – Learn the definition of permutation concepts when all the objects are distinct or not distinct, and determine the combination of the given problem.

Linear Inequalities – This part needs more practice to work with the system of linear inequalities in one variable and two variables.

Sequences and Series – Since all the topics in this chapter are almost related to each other. You cannot skip any exercise. Master all the formulas in this chapter to score more.

Straight Lines – Read all the straight lines formulas. Use proper labelling, figures in the problem that should be clean and neat.

Conic Sections – Practice all the concept in this chapter. Go through the concepts such as a parabola, hyperbola, circles, and an ellipse.

Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry – Determine how to find the distance between two points in the 3D space and also study the section formula.

Limits and Derivatives – The essential concepts in this chapter are product rule and quotient rule. Find the derivative of a function and determine how to apply the limits of a polynomial, trigonometric and rational functions. Use trigonometry table to find the corresponding value for the trigonometric derivative function.

Mathematical Reasoning – This chapter does not require computations. Get the description of the statement and examine its validity.

Statistics – Read the formulas like mean, variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation of a continuous frequency distribution.

Probability – Go through all the topics in this chapter. Understand the contrast between “with replacement” and “without replacement.”

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