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The best tip to stay cool in the hot weather — Portable Air con (cheap). Recently, temperatures have been soaring consistently above 30 degrees Celsius in Singapore. For students, this is not conducive to studying (the human brain does not work well in such temperatures).

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How to stay Cool in Singapore

Singapore’s heat and humidity makes it quite unbearable to live without an air-conditioner. Especially for students who study, a hot and humid environment makes it harder to concentrate.

For long term purposes, most families will install a split aircon system like Mitsubishi Starmex.

[S$1,898.00](▼58%)[MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC]Mitsubishi Inverter Multi Split AirCon FN Series – SYS. 2 – 4 [5 Ticks]


However, for short term purposes (e.g. rental, or do not want the hassle of installing a permanent air-con), a portable aircon is the solution. A portable aircon will be enough to cool a small room (i.e. most HDB rooms and small Condo rooms).

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy those mist fans, they are close to useless since Singapore’s humidity is already close to 90%. Those mist fans work well in hot and dry desert-like environments, possible like Saudi Arabia or Australia. They work by…

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