Free Software for Meta Analysis (OpenMeta Analyst)

Open Meta Analyst Review

Open Meta-Analyst ( is a free software developed by professors in Brown University, for Meta Analysis.

Previously we reviewed another free software RevMan5. RevMan5 is very good at doing meta analysis with placebo control groups. What it is not very good at is doing single arm meta analysis, that is, for clinical trials without a control group.

Open Meta Analyst can do single-arm meta-analysis, with the benefit that it seems even easier and more user-friendly than RevMan (which is already quite good with a GUI).

There are some YouTube tutorials on how to use Open Meta Analyst to do analysis on RCTs (Randomized Clinical Trials) and more.

The user manual for Open Meta Analyst can be found at The good thing about Open Meta[Analyst] is that it supports both Windows and Macintosh.


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