SCGS Mathematics

SCGS (Singapore Chinese Girls’ School) follows the IP system, with students having the option to continue to Eunoia Junior College, the newest JC.

SCGS IP Mathematics

SCGS IP Mathematics is still split into E Maths (Elementary Mathematics) and A Maths (Additional Mathematics). Content-wise, it is quite similar to O level Mathematics, except that the order of topics taught can be quite arbitrary and up to the school teachers.

SCGS Math Exams

On paper, SCGS has few “exams” and has totally eliminated the midyear exams. In actual fact, there are still numerous tests just that they don’t use the word “exam”.

For example, a sample syllabus for SCGS’ A Math Block Test for Secondary 3 students (around July) is:

  1. Simultaneous Equations
  2. Surds
  3. Indices
  4. Logarithms
  5. Quadratic equation of expressions (alpha and beta)

The syllabus for the E Math Block Test is:

  1. Quadratic Equations
  2. Linear Equality / Inequalities
  3. Indices and Standard Equations
  4. Coordinate Geometry
  5. Graphs of Function and Geometry (including quadratic graph, curve sketching and graphical solution, and graphs in practical situations)
  6. Area & Volume of similar figures and solids
  7. Congruence and similarity
  8. Applications of Trigo (Angles of Elevation and Depression), Trigonometric ratios of acute and obtuse angles (excludes bearings and 3d shapes)
  9. Lower Secondary Algebra

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