Do students really need tuition in Singapore?

In ideal conditions (good school teacher, good study habits of student), no tutor is needed.

Sometimes, the student is unfortunately in a non-ideal condition. I have tutored students from top “branded” IP schools who encountered the following:
– School teacher didn’t teach essential math concepts/formulae that are subsequently tested in the exam.

– School teacher didn’t have time to cover the topics. As a result, they only finish the syllabus one week before the exam. (Or worse, did not manage to finish the syllabus before the exam)

– Too hectic and busy CCA training/competitions. As a result, the student did not build a solid foundation during early years of Secondary 1-3, and is only seriously studying full-time in Secondary 4 (similar for JC Year 1 vs Year 2).

The above points can’t really be controlled, it is sometimes a matter of luck whether the school teacher can teach well or not. In unlucky events such as above (which is quite common actually), a tutor is recommended.



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