Best Machine Learning / Deep Learning Books

After some research, I find that the best book on Machine Learning / Deep Learning currently on the market is: Deep Learning with Python.

It is written by François Chollet, who is the creator of the famous Keras library (Google Tensorflow). The most popular language for machine learning is currently Python, which is the subject of this book. (Another language is R, but many people find R to be less user-friendly as compared to Python).

The book is suitable for those who are studying deep learning from scratch, with zero prior knowledge. Currently, machine learning is at the peak of its hype, with many employers seeking to utilize machine learning in one way or another. It is very useful for students to pick up this skill for potential usage in the future.

Deep Learning with Python

A key competitor to Keras/Tensorflow is Pytorch, developed by Facebook. It is supposedly even more user-friendly than Keras/Tensorflow. However, the drawback is that it is too new and few books/tutorials exist.


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