Powerpac Ceramic Cooker Review

This should be the cheapest ceramic cooker on the market. PowerPac is a reliable Singaporean brand that has been on the market for quite some time.

At the price of $29.90, the Ceramic Cooker even comes with a free stainless steel pot with cover (CNY Promo). Unbeatable price! It is also free delivery.

It is ideal for home steamboat / hotpot cooking. By the way, ceramic cooker can cook all types of pots and pans (unlike induction cookers).

URL: https://qoo.tn/BrGOhR/Q100000595

[S$29.90](▼51%)[PowerPac Promo]PowerPac Ceramic Cooker (Any Pot) 2000 Watts (PPIC833) //Suitable for any use with any types of pots



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