VPN that works in China (2018): Lantern Pro Review

The Great Firewall of China is exceptionally intelligent, it is rumored to use machine learning, deep learning and various other strategies to block users from accessing websites such as Google, Facebook, etc.

You probably have realized that most VPNs are not working well in China anymore, as of 2018.

Lantern Pro Review (China)

The one “VPN” that remains good to use is Lantern Pro. It isn’t actually a VPN, but rather a “network sharing” tool. As such, it remains relatively unaffected by the ban on VPNs by China. I have personally tested Lantern in August 2018 and find it working in good condition.

There is a free version, and also a paid version that is more stable and faster. You can first try the free version (data limit of around 800 MB) to see if you like it or not. The installation is extremely simple, basically you just click one button to connect.

URL: https://getlantern.org/

Lantern Referral Code: Use my code YJVD2WT and get 3 months free when you sign up!

Note that you need to install it before you enter China. Once you enter China there is no way you can download the installer as the entire website is blocked.

Use this referral code YJVD2WT and both you and I will get free months (1 or 3 months depending on which plan you buy).

PureVPN (Mac, iOS) not working in China (2018)

Unfortunately, to my disappointment, PureVPN is not working in China as of 2018. I previously wrote a post on PureVPN, it used to be good, but now it has been defeated by the Great Firewall of China.


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