The Inextricable Relationship Between Exams and Weather

Singapore is a country that prides itself on its scholastic achievements – with tuitions centers in almost every neighbourhood advertising its rockstar tutors and top-scoring students. The first day of school starts like clockwork, nobody misses a beat, everyone is punctual, assignments are due, and classes start rushing to finish the curriculum again.

This relentless pace for Singapore’s education system is because the exams are just around the corner. It may seem scary for readers that have graduated years ago but yet to have children. The pressure of school is cranked up to 11 on a scale of 10 almost immediately. Especially so for those in crucial streaming years (primary 4 / secondary 2) or graduating years (primary 6 / secondary 4 and 5 / junior college 2).

The importance of exams to the Singaporean society is paramount. As a meritocratic society, education is seen as the equalising force among the varying socio-economic classes. With a thriving bureaucratic government, the best and the brightest in national examinations tend to get the best scholarships and positions in public service afterwards. The fact is that every exam is one step closer or further away from securing the place in society.

Singapore is just above the equator – a hot and humid city with students all seeking a cool place to study. To combat the elements, the only way is cranking up the air conditioner. Almost every home in Singapore has one so to get some much respite from the hot and humid air. Students furiously studying for exams (colloquially termed “mugging” and those who do so called “muggers”) are more than likely doing so under the cool breeze of artificial temperature control.

It will be a common sight to see public places with free strong air conditioners like libraries, fast food outlets, cafes, even airport being full of students cramming away. Expect also to see plenty of midnight oil being burnt in the bedrooms and living rooms of students during the next few months. Because of the humidity of the climate being at an average of 84.2%, no matter what the temperature is, the weather is still often uncomfortable and sweat-inducing.

These are hardly the best conditions for students to focus and study. Extreme temperatures causes students to be annoyed and hence distracted. According to experts, the best temperature to be productive is at 23.5 degrees Celcius. With the average Singapore temperature in the day in the low thirties and at night in the high twenties, natural conditions are definitely not beneficial.

Does it mean that all students need to do is to set the air conditioner to high fan and low temperature? Unfortunately no. The same study also added that while that might work for the majority, 30% of people will be too cold or too hot. That means 1 in 3 will have to keep tweaking the air conditioner time and time again (yet another distraction to the studying process).

So what is a parent or student to do? Leave it up to fate on what the weather conditions are like outdoors? All the while constantly dealing with a fluctuating levels of comfort from the air-conditioner (a device purchased for the express purpose of delivering comfort)? Thank goodness that technology can step in to help.

With Ambi-Climate , a smart AI-enabled air conditioner controller, what we will have is a device that can recognise the students’ unique needs, and tailor temperatures for optimal comfort without having to ask. While traditional air conditioners only account for temperature and ignore other key factors – humidity, sunlight, changes in outdoor weather, and your daily metabolic cycle – Ambi Climate takes everything into account to help create an optimal, personalised home environment while saving up to 30% on energy

By connecting to your air conditioner and learning from your feedback, Ambi’s unique A.I. engine and smart sensors will work their magic to match the students’ needs and adjust to what they deem comfortable. Also, Ambi has an away mode, that efficiently keep your home within desired temperature or humidity thresholds. After setting a threshold of your choice (heating, cooling or drying), Ambi Climate will fulfill your preference in the most energy-efficient way; it will only turn the AC on when needed to maintain the threshold. Your home stays safe and you save money! This will come as good news for muggers as they can enjoy the breeze to keep them concentrated on the upcoming exams at hand.


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