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Amos Yee (“famous” for posting controversial videos) actually has good talent and aptitude in Mathematics. His mother is a Math secondary teacher with decades of experience. Many people know him for his infamous videos and his “American English” pronunciation, but few know that he was actually one of the top students in his secondary school in terms of Maths. His English results were good too, and so was his Pure Chemistry. Perhaps even more impressive (and rare), is Amos Yee has a Grade 8 guitar certification (ABRSM merit) (Source: Amos Yee “Happy Teachers’ Day” YouTube video). In March 2011, Yee also won awards for Best Short Film and Best Actor at The New Paper’s First Film Fest (FFF) for his film Jan. He was also an actor in Jack Neo’s movie We Not Naughty.

Unfortunately, Yee seemed to have not used his talents well to benefit society, but instead got himself into a lot of trouble. Who knows, if he turns over a new leaf it could be still possible to have a bright future.

Quote from Amos Yee Facebook:

“OK my fellow friends, sorry it’s been so late, I shall announce my O level results.

Apparently I did better than I expected, for all the wrong subjects, so if you truly want to see the innate comedy of my results, you should check out the results which I’d predicted before in my previous post before reading this, and then I think you’ll laugh as much as I did.

E Maths (Dogs truly can get A1 for E Maths)

English: A1 (Well this was surprising, I’d finally gained the coveted A1 for English that I had always hoped for in my Secondary School, and mastered the art of English Comprehension.

A Maths: A2 (So apparently if you leave out 4 entire questions that are 7 marks each, you can still get an A2. So I guess I did really ****ing well for the questions that I did. My mother, being a highly coveted A maths and E maths teacher for 3 decades, threw herself out of the building when she heard her darling son did not attain an A1 for A maths. If you look out of the window, you can still hear the faint cries of ‘****! MY SON IS SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT’. Well, you threatened to disown me when I became an Atheist, and in the end you didn’t, so I think you’ll do just fine.)


Raw Aggregate Score: 7(-2 for CCA, -2 for MSP)

Best school I can go to: Nanyang JC”

Source: Amos Yee Facebook, January 14, 2015

Amos also claimed that he “had only studied extensively for the first E maths and A maths papers during the O levels period”. He didn’t really study during the month before the O levels, rather he was “abandoning studying just for that last month, and instead using that month to Complete 4 seasons of Daria, play Spirit Tracks and smash brothers on the DS, create a tuition namecard I now rarely use, and listening to all the best albums of the Beatles”. His Prelim results were also great:


“For reference and comparison, this was my mark for prelim 2, the final exam I took in school that isn’t O levels, I think by Prelim 2, the tedium of studying and the uselessness of it was already bearing down on me, and I studied for all the papers, 2 days before and tried to do the best I can with the retained knowledge I had for CA1 (Which I also got an L1R5 of 12 but a slightly higher % of 72 % compared to CA2’s 70%, due largely in part to 93% and 88% for E maths and A maths respectively)
E Maths: A1 (82%)
A maths: A1 (82%)
English: A2 (72%)
Chemistry: A2 (71%)
Chinese: B3 (68%/)
Literature: B3 (65%)
Combined Humans: B3 (65%)
Malay: B4 (64%)
L1R5: 12

Source: Amos Yee Facebook, January 11, 2015

His prediction of his O Level results are also quite accurate:


“So here it is, my predicted O level results that are coming out tomorrow:

E maths: A1 (Dogs can get A1 for E maths)

English: A2 (Honestly, I might get an A1 in lieu of the bellcurve,but I never got A1 for English in any full paper before, neither would I feel proud if I did, why would I feel proud about mastering the art of the language of robots.)

Chemistry A2(SPA will help me probably, and though I didn’t study, retention from previous exams was surprisingly good when I did the paper)

A Maths: B3 (Though this was my best subject ever in previous exams(I got 100 plus bonus mark for an A maths paper for God’s sakes), apparently the few weeks I didn’t study was significant enough to make me forget my concepts, to the point that I had skipped an entire 2-3 questions with about 7 marks each, and I think with my inclination to be careless and forget units, it’s going to be a deprovement that will send shock waves)”

Source: Amos Yee Facebook, January 11, 2015

Finally, Amos Yee was also a top student in Secondary 3, 4 (Zhonghua Secondary School) and nominated for a Humanities scholarship. He was consistently getting As for E maths, A maths, Chemistry and English. (Source: Amos Yee WordPress blog, January 25, 2015).


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