Hokkaido University Photo Gallery and Trip Guide

These photos are from a trip to Hokkaido University in August 2017. Hokkaido University is just walking distance away from Sapporo station, and is worth spending an afternoon there. Admission is free. Even in the hottest summer, Hokkaido has cool weather, ranging from around 17 degrees to 25 degrees.

Some places to visit are the Poplar Avenue, and also the Hokkaido University Museum (check the time, it can close as early as 5pm.) Also, the statue of one of the founders, Dr. William Smith Clark, is also a good place to visit. There is also a monument of the school motto: “Be ambitious!” (少年よ、大志を抱け )

Raven/crows can be spotted all around the campus of Hokkaido University. They are the largest raven I have ever seen, about the size of a small eagle.

A random willow tree in Hokkaido University.
Students can be found reading or just sitting in the field. I even spotted one student practicing violin.
The famous Poplar Avenue of Hokkaido University.

A small stream running through the middle of Hokkaido University.
Hokkaido University Museum: A Town Plan of Hokkaido University.
Poster in Hokkaido University Museum.
Chemical Structure in Hokkaido University Museum.
The Hokkaido University Museum is 3 storeys. It is quite big actually, there should be enough things to see for around one hour or more.

The below are some photos from inside the Hokkaido University Museum.


A signboard in a garden.


A large raven in Hokkaido University. It is much larger than it looks in the photo.
The famous motto of Hokkaido University: “Be ambitious!” (original words: “boys, be ambitious!”)

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