How the Staircase Diagram changes when we pass to derived couple (Spectral Sequence)

Set A_{n,p}^1=H_n(X_p) and E_{n,p}^1=H_n(X_p,X_{p-1}). The diagram then has the following form:

When we pass to the derived couple, each group A_{n,p}^1 is replaced by a subgroup A_{n,p}^2=\text{Im}\,(i_1: A_{n,p-1}^1\to A_{n,p}^1). The differentials d_1=j_1k_1 go two units to the right, and we replace the term E_{n,p}^1 by the term E_{n,p}^2=\text{Ker}\, d_1/\text{Im}\,d_1, where the d_1‘s refer to the d_1‘s leaving and entering E_{n,p}^1 respectively.

The maps j_2 now go diagonally upward because of the formula j_2(i_1a)=[j_1a]. The maps i_2 and k_2 still go vertically and horizontally, i_2 being a restriction of i_1 and k_2 being induced by k_1.

Author: mathtuition88

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