Quora: Galois Field Automorphism for 15/16 year-old kids

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3 common Fields: $latex mathbb{R, Q, C}$ with 4 operations : {+ – × ÷}

Automorphism = “self” isomorphism (Analogy: look into mirror of yourself, image is you <=> Automorphism of yourself).

The trivial Field Automorphism of : $latex mathbb{R, Q}$ is none other than Identity Automorphism (mirror image of itself).

Best example for Field Automorphism : : $latex mathbb{C}$ and its conjugate. (a+ib) conjugate with (a-ib)

Field automorphisms using terms a 15/16/ year oldwould understand? by David Joyce

What interesting results are there regardingautomorphisms of fields? by Henning Breede

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