3 Zika Methods that do NOT work #Zika

As the Zika/Dengue virus has spread to Singapore, I have been researching (in my spare time) on ways to prevent Zika/Dengue. The following are some interesting ways that however eventually do not work (or worse, attract more mosquitoes), so do not waste your money trying these!

1) Bug Zappers that use Ultraviolet Light as a Lure

In theory, bug zappers that use electricity to kill mosquitoes sound like a great idea. However, the problem comes from the fact that bug zappers use Ultraviolet Light (UV) to attract insects. Mosquitoes are attracted by Carbon Dioxide, not UV light, so you will end up killing 99% other insects, some of which are beneficial insects. See http://insects.about.com/od/StingingBitingInsects/a/Do-Bug-Zappers-Kill-Mosquitoes.htm.

2) Ultrasonic Buzzing devices that sound like Male Mosquitoes, since Female Mosquitoes with fertilized eggs actively avoid Male Mosquitoes

This seems to be complete BS. See http://www.mosquitoreviews.com/ultrasonic-mosquito-app.html

3) Pitcher Plants to eat Mosquitoes

This sounds like a genius idea at first, since Pitcher Plants eat insects, and grow in tropical climates, exactly where Aedes Mosquitoes live. The problem is mosquito larvae can survive very well in Pitcher Plants.

4) P.S. If you have a pond with large koi fish in it, you may want to add smaller fish, since koi fish (and other large fish in general) are known not to eat mosquito larvae. “Koi may be beautiful, but they are generally too large to prey on mosquito larvae and are known for their mellow nature.”

Author: mathtuition88


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