Laurent Series with WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha can compute (simple) Laurent series:

Series[Sin[z^(-1)], {z, 0, 5}]

1/z-1/(6 z^3)+1/(120 z^5)+O((1/z)^6)
(Laurent series)
(converges everywhere away from origin)

Unfortunately, more “complex” (pun intended) Laurent series are not possible for WolframAlpha.

Author: mathtuition88

One thought on “Laurent Series with WolframAlpha”

  1. Wolfram aka. Alpha Mutt can do that simple example that you showed…the problem wasn’t Alpha Mutt…Try this…10xπ-√(987)..that shouldn’t be too difficult… Wolfram can handle more than you can imagine…it can also be beaten into submission.


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