Pokemon Go Singapore Dominated by CP >1000 Pokemon

Pokemon Go has finally arrived in Singapore! Good to see that the company Niantic did not forget about Singapore.

Upon starting the game, however, one would be in for a surprise. The gyms are all dominated by high level Pokemon, just merely hours after the release. (It is humanly impossible to have reached such a level in such a short time.)

For instance, the gyms near my neighbourhood has Gyarados (arguably the best Water Pokemon), Hypnos and Nidoqueen respectively. (See screenshot)

IMG_9686 IMG_9685 IMG_9684

How did these guys get these Pokemon is a good question. The possibilities are either GPS Spoof (E.g. by using VPN to access Pokemon Europe or USA), or that they really caught the Pokemon overseas. Either way, they would have had a headstart since Pokemon Go was released much earlier in USA/Europe/Australia.

Overall, Pokemon Go is a fun and unique game in the sense that it involves walking around in real environments. However, one letdown is that it is not very skill-based (unless one counts flicking Pokeballs as a skill). There is not much strategy involved (both catching or battling) for Pokemon Go.

There is one mathematical part of Pokemon Go: Determining which Pokemon to evolve based on IV (Initial Values). Some websites to help are: Pokeassistant, or TheSilphRoad. The difference between a bad or perfect Pokemon is only 10% though, so it will only make a difference in very close battles.


Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball Belt, Styles May Vary

(For those really into the game, may want to check these out while you hunt for Pokemon!)

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