H2 Topical Package with Highly Condensed Summary

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The new product is the H2 Topical Package with Highly Condensed Summary.

Highly Condensed H2 Maths Notes, bundled with hundreds of Topical questions (arranged according to topic) for H2 Mathematics.

Topical questions have full solution.

Will be useful for students preparing for H2 Maths (A Levels / Prelims / Common Tests).

The list of topics ranges from Binomial, AP/GP, all the way to Statistics and Complex Numbers. Basically all topics in H2 Maths. The filelist can be seen in the screenshots above.

Suitable for both old and new syllabus (9740/9758).

Basically this package would be recommended for students in JC1 / Mid JC2 who are not taught all the topics yet, hence are unable to attempt full prelim papers.

For JC2 students already in the final months of JC, they can purchase the other package featuring prelim papers instead.


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