Thallium Poisoning Mystery: Zhu Ling

This is a very old case, but the mystery of Thallium poisoning endures till today. The murderer is still walking scot-free to this day! Do spread this news, as the name “Zhu Ling” is in danger of being forgotten after more than 20 years. Zhu Ling was a very talented student in chemistry, music (she plays the ancient instrument Guqin) and literature.

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From late 1994 to early 1995, 21-year old Zhu Ling 朱令 was poisoned at Tsinghua, Beijing, one of the most prestigious universities in China. Globally, physicians reviewed her symptoms, which were sent to the Internet through a Usenet group after no correct diagnostics availed themselves for months. This world first ever large scale tele-medicine trial suggested thallium poisoning, which was subsequently proven, and its treatment. Her life was ultimately saved, but she suffered serious neurological damage and permanent physical impairment.

Who poisoned this promising and multi-talented young college girl? One of her dormitory roommates with strong political connections was the prime suspect. Yet the police closed the case in 1998 without a definitive conclusion, claimed due to evidences being stolen.

After 19 years, the murderer is still at large. And it may be someone around you, with a changed identity.


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