Linear Fractional Transformation (Mobius Transformation)

The transformation w=\frac{az+b}{cz+d}, with ad-bc\neq 0, and a,b,c,d are complex constants, is called a linear fractional transformation, or Mobius transformation.

One key property of linear fractional transformations is that it transforms circles and lines into circles and lines.

Let us find the linear fractional transformation that maps the points z_1=2, z_2=i, z_3=-2 onto the points w_1=1, w_2=i, w_3=-1. (Question taken from Complex Variables and Applications (Brown and Churchill))

Solution: w=\frac{3z+2i}{iz+6}

What we have to do is basically solve the three simultaneous equations arising from w=\frac{az+b}{cz+d}, namely 1=\frac{2a+b}{2c+d}, i=\frac{ia+b}{ic+d} and -1=\frac{-2a+b}{-2c+d}.

Eventually we can have all the variables in terms of c: a=-3ic, b=2c, d=-6ic. Substituting back into the Mobius Transformation gives us the answer.

Author: mathtuition88

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