“latex path not specified” WordPress LaTeX Bug

Recently, there is a “latex path not specified” WordPress LaTeX bug, it is very weird. Some LaTeX expressions will get rendered and some will not. Will have to postpone my math blogging till it is fixed. Worst case scenario is I have to abandon this blog and move to Blogger (http://mathtuition88.blogspot.com) if the issue remains unfixed.

Testing: x, y, z, e^{i\pi}+1=0.

Hope this bug gets fixed soon. If anyone knows the solution to solve this bug, please inform me in the comments below!

Note: Thanks to Professor Terence Tao who has replied in the comments below and shown us a link where there is ongoing discussion about the highly mysterious “latex path not specified” issue.


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6 Responses to “latex path not specified” WordPress LaTeX Bug

  1. Terence Tao says:

    There is some inconclusive discussion on this issue at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/latex-path-not-specified-errors-1?replies=33#post-2501402

    For me, the strangest thing about the bug is that it is machine dependent – everything is fine when viewed from one machine, but not from another. But it does not appear to be browser dependent!

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  2. ivasallay says:

    What an inconvenience!

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  3. Joseph Nebus says:

    I hadn’t encountered that, but I haven’t had to do anything complex in WordPress LaTeX in a while.

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