Fail H2 Maths Promos or Prelims

For H2 (or H1) Maths students who are getting low marks for internal school exams, do not be overly discouraged. The current trend for schools is to set very tough internal exams (i.e. Promos and Prelims) to spur students to study hard, and (hopefully) ace the eventual final A level exams. If you look at the actual A Level Ten Year Series, you will find that the standard of questions is much easier than Prelim level.

A rule of thumb is that the eventual A level grade is 2 grades above the internal school grade. E.g., in internal exams a student getting D for H2 Maths is most likely equivalent to a B in the final A levels, provided the student continues to study hard.

Jumping from E to A grade has been done by many seniors. Do not give up, continue to believe in yourself, and keep calm while constantly revising.

Do check out this highly condensed H2 Math Notes (comes with free exam papers). The key thing to do before exams is to remember Math formulas (many students forget the AP/GP formulae for instance, and lost some free marks). Constant practice and exposure to questions is also a must.

Here are some sources of true stories:


To all the J1 and J2 kids who are struggling with math, let me share with you my personal experience. I took H2 math by the way, and refused to drop to H1 when people started dropping.

J1 CT 1: Math: U
J1 promos: Math: S
J2 CT1: Math S
J2 CT2: Math S
J2 Prelims: Math E
A levels: Math A.

The moral of the story is simple: It can be done. My math teacher used to motivate us with stories of seniors who have also flunked their way through math in the 2 years and clinched an A at the end. I didnt really believed it could happen, but I guess I chose to believe it anyways.


H2 Math: E A

H2 Chem: D B

H2 Econs: D D

H1 Physics: U A

H1 GP: B A

The grades on the left were prelims and right were my actual results. Of course it depends on your school and how hard they set the prelim papers


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