James H. Simons,  the mathematician who cracked Wallstreet

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James H. Simons,  the Jewish mathematician who made $14 billion using Math modelling for Hedge Fund.

[Watch from 31:00 mins to 35 mins].  He told the Nobel Physicist Frank Yang (杨振宁) that the Math “Gauge Theory on Fiber Bundles(纤维丛)” which Yang was developing already existed 30 yrs ago in “Differential Geometry” by SS Chern (陈省身) from Berkeley.

“James H. Simons: Mathematics, Common Sense and Good Luck”

[Video 54:00 mins]
After being billionaire, at old age Simons went back to Math in 2004 to take refuge of sadness of the loss of a son.
He beat the German mathematicians in Differential Co-homology (Topology).

5 Guiding Principles of Success:
1) Don’t run with the pack – be original
2) Choose wonderful partner(s) in research, business…
3) Guided by Beauty
4) Don’t give up !
5) Have good luck.

Jim Simons | TED Talks
“A Rare Interview with the Mathematician Who…

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