German Terms

German before WW2 was the World’center of Science (Einstein etc) and Modern Math (Gauss, Klein, Hilbert etc), that’s why we inherit some letter symbols eg. Z (Zahl, Integer) …

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1. The electron orbits: first 4 orbits from atom

s, p, d, f
s = Sharfe (Sharp)
p =prinzipielle (principle)
d = diffusiv (diffuse)
f= fundamentale (fundamental)
2. eigen (special)
3. Math:
e = neutral element (I=Identity)
K=Korps (Fields)
Z = Zahl (Integer)
4. Physics:
F-center = Color Center  (F=Farbe=color)
Umklapp process = reverse process
Aufbau principle (quantum chemistry) = Building (bau) Up (Auf)  principle

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