The Arrival of New Era of “Knowledge Sharing”

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2010 Steve Jobs declared Post-PC era has arrived with iPhone/iPad,  little did he know that he had accidentally also brought the Post-TV & Post-Publication (books, Newspapers) on iPhone/iPad platform for YouTube, ebooks.
Today,  you don’t have to sit on sofa at scheduled time to watch TV programmes,  buy/loan/housekeep books, subscribe to political-biased  newspapers.

The advent of Web 2.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) will open up the new era of freedom of “Knowledge Sharing”:
1. Instead of reading 100 books to understand a complex economic/politics/history/science topic, you can go YouTube to attend free seminars by TED, MOOC (Cousera, Khan Academy…), or follow YouTube series by book expert reviewers (罗辑思维, 袁腾飞, 百家论坛, 宋鸿兵货币战争)…
2. You can ask any questions on “Quora”. Anybody with the expertise will volunteer to teach you.
3. You can keep your reading notes in text, video and hyperlink to the vast internet resources (wikipedia, ..) and shared…

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