Free Ebook: Singapore’s Scientific Pioneers


The non-commercial book Singapore’s Scientific Pioneers, sponsored by grants from the SG50 Celebration Fund and Nanyang Technological University, is dedicated to all scientists in Singapore, past, present and, most of all, aspiring. Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at:

The free downloadable book also includes a Mathematician from National University of Singapore, Professor Louis Chen, one of the discoverers of the Chen-Stein method.

To download the ebook, click here to download (official mirror).

The Chen-Stein method is part of the branch of Mathematics known as Probability. Advanced probability requires a lot of Measure Theory, another type of Math classified under Analysis.

In the book, Professor Chen mentioned one of his favourite books is “One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science (Dover Books on Mathematics)“.

It turns out that this book is very inspiring, and many reviewers on Amazon said that after they read this book during their childhood, they became inspired to become mathematicians/scientists!

Sample review (from Amazon): “It seems that almost all the reviewers had the same experience: we read this book at an early age, and it was so fascinating, so inspiring, and so magical that it directed us into math and science for the rest of our lives. In my case the book was loaned to me when I was about 12, by my best friend’s father.”

Hence, if you are looking for a Math/Science book for your child, this book may be one of the top choices. 🙂

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