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I highly recommend this Harvard Online Course “Science & Cooking” for food and Math lover:

Example of the Course :

How much boiled water you need to cook a perfect egg ?

By conservation of heat (energy), the heat (Q) of boiled water is transferred to the egg (assume no loss of heat to the environment: container, air, etc).

Secondary school Physics :

Q = m.C. (T’-T)
m = mass
C=Specific Heat
T’= Final Température
T= Initial Temperature


Chef’s tip: a perfect egg cooked at around 64 C.


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  1. ivasallay says:

    Here’s how I boil an egg on an electric stove using very little energy: Place the desired number of eggs into a pot, cover at least the bottom layer of eggs with water. As soon as the pot starts to boil, turn off the burner but leave the pot on the burner. The egg will be perfectly cooked from the residual heat in about 10 minutes.


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