Chinese Math and Science Books

Just to introduce a few books that can simultaneously improve your child’s Math and Science knowledge, and Chinese at the same time!

The latest news is that China is building the Kra Canal, a news that would mark the beginning of the increased dominance of China in Southeast Asia, hence having a good grasp of Mandarin is no longer optional, but 100% compulsory if you want to have a slice of the pie of the jobs and benefits generated by China.



horrible science

This series of “Horrible Science” Books is translated into Chinese, and is an award winning series of books. Highly recommended!


math olympiad

700 Practice Problems for Math Olympiad! These books are very useful for GAT / DSA / GEP Preparation.


math olympiad world of math

Into the world of Mathematics! 《走进奇妙的数学世界1-3(套装共3册)》内容简介:数学最让人困惑的是为什么这样和有什么用,很多人即使大学毕业也不明白,这套书完美地阐释了数学的 本质,把数学和生活紧密联系在一起。13种基本数学思想,层层深入,完美阐释数学的本质。以两个小矮人贯穿全文,图文并茂,讲故事、出谜题、做游戏,游戏 背后蕴藏数学概念让孩子以最简单、最科学的方式走近数学,爱上数学!不仅仅讲算术,更重在启发从不同角度看待事物、解决问题的思考方式,培养孩子的逻辑思 维能力,提高综合素质。

Finally, for readers of my blog who are new to Chinese, and wish to learn this 5000 year old language, I would recommend some books to learn Chinese for beginners here:


easy chinese

Learn Chinese in an easy manner! Easy steps to Chinese. (With CD)

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