Math is Best Paid Job in 2015

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These 3 jobs all require Math: Actuary, Statistician and Mathematician.

Others good to have Math : Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Data Scientist.

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4 Responses to Math is Best Paid Job in 2015

  1. Too weird. I dated an Actuary many many years ago. He was the strangest dude. A more exotic version of his nemesis, Mick Jagger. REALLY into numbers. Dark and brooding. Dark, silky hair, a more refined version of Mick’s, and who wore a pea-coat and dark blue turtlenecks. Weird dude. In another world.


  2. So my point is, I hadn’t thought about Actuaries in years, but I did yesterday! And actually used the term in an email.


  3. Joseph Nebus says:

    I knew I was underpaid. Alas.


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